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Power Transformer

Power Transformers are widely used for transmitting electrical energy between the distribution primary circuits and the generator. They are available in sturdy designs with unmatched efficacy and strength.

Dry Transformer

Efficient, durable and affordable Dry Transformers are available with primary voltages for minimizing environmental contamination and fire hazard.

Lighting Transformer

Lighting Transformers are designed to work with lighting by altering the voltage going through a circuit. They are used for reducing the voltage for the lighting loads.

Solar Application Inverter Duty Transformer

Solar Application Inverter Duty Transformer is an essential element of a PV system. It is manufactured with multiple LV windings for connecting PV panel strings to the grid having less number of transformers.

Distribution Transformers

Distribution Transformers are ideal for changing high voltage electricity to low voltage electricity by stepping down the voltage to offer isolation between two windings such as primary & secondary.

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